Views from Gore Mountain

I just returned from my annual trip to the Adirondacks to visit family. One evening we went to Gore Mountain for to see a local theater production – which was very fun, by the way – and to enjoy the views. I didn’t want to disturb the actors by taking pictures inside the tent, but here are a couple of pictures from near the top of the mountain. 



5 responses to “Views from Gore Mountain

  1. I know that you were north of our mountains in WV, but the views are similiar. We have had a wet year and everything looks as green as Ireland. Regarding photos at the theatre, when I write reviews, I photograph the program cover, which usually has images related to the play. If the production is a professional one, I leave the camera in the case. If it is a community or school theatre, I take it out at the curtain call. Most of the amature performers enjoys seeing their images in my posts. I also contact the theatres after posting a review to let them view it. If they do not want the pictures (copyright, intellectual property, or other reason) I take them down out of respect.

    • Thanks for the advice, Oscar. A picture of the program would have been a good idea. The curtain call was very brief – no individual bows. I was really worried that the flash would be distracting since the production was in-the-round under a tent. Have a nice day! Laurie

  2. Lovely, especially the one with the clouds and fog. The trees there reach so high compared to the trees in the Great Plains. Thank you for sharing these here. Kathleen

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