Royal Amethyst Rose

I have a weakness for roses. Even though I really didn’t have room for them, I added two beautiful hybrid tea roses to the garden this year, which meant digging up some of my perennials and putting them in pots. One of the roses is Royal Amethyst – a gorgeous and highly fragrant plumish-pink rose.  It is supposed to put on the showiest blooms during cooler weather – which is exactly what we have been having this spring. (We’ll have to see what summer holds in store.)

I wish that I could add a dab of fragrance to this blog to go along with the photos. Can you imagine the fruity-rose scent of these blooms?




8 responses to “Royal Amethyst Rose

  1. You should come – but make it in June for the roses. Day before yesterday we went to Mottisfont in Hampshire where they keep the national collection of old fashioned roses. It was way too early for many of them to be flowering, but I’ll write a post shortly which I hope you’ll enjoy. Meanwhile I can see why you found this beauty irresistible.

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