Toasting Mothers with a Bellini

A toast to all of the wonderful mothers out there … especially mine! Happy Mother’s Day on Sunday, May 12th!


Fill a Champagne glass about 1/3 of the way with chilled peach nectar*, then top off with chilled Champagne. Enjoy!

* If you can’t find peach nectar, try fresh or frozen peaches pureed with a little peach juice, or use peach sorbet for a sweeter cocktail. Another variation is to add a splash of Peach Schnapps and a little lemon juice before the Champagne. 



3 responses to “Toasting Mothers with a Bellini

  1. Called the Mums last night to beat the rush. Frozen peaches are great, if you have room to put some up when they are ripe (chest freezers are good for bulk storage). We peal, slice, add a slight amount of sugar to draw the liquid from the flesh, vacuum seal them, and stack them in the freezer. We put up around 40 to 50 quarts per year this way. A stick blender is a good tool to puree them into yogurt, or for your Beliini recipe.

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