… and Now, Back to Winter

What a difference a day or two makes. After the beautiful Spring day we had for the garden wedding on Sunday, this morning we are back to winter. With snow falling and skies getting darker by the minute, it feels more like January than late April. Brrr …


12 responses to “… and Now, Back to Winter

  1. Hope the snow is helping to replenish your water table. All of our fruit trees have bloomed or are in full bloom. I watch the temperature every morning as it approaches freezing, but then goes back up with the sun. Every year, we are at risk for loosing the pollenated buds to a hard freeze in April. Keep your fingers crossed for now.

    • Hi, Oscar.

      I hope that your fruit trees manage to produce despite the strange weather this year. What is now Manhattan, KS used to be a major apple-growing area until several consecutive years of warm early Spring temperatures followed by late freezes wiped out the crops. Around the same time, the Northwestern US was really taking off with apple production, and shipping methods improved, so large scale apple production never really returned to this area in full force. A friend of mine has an heirloom orchard, though, and grows several varieties of apples, pears and apricots.

      Good luck! Laruie

    • It really is disappointing. I had to haul 15 pots of flowers into the garage last night. They won’t be coming out today! I hope that the snow misses your area.

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