14 responses to “Tuesday’s Tulips

  1. Do tulips bloom in March in Kansas?! We have crocuses starting and snow drops, but they are currently blanketed under the foot of snow that fell earlier this week. With the temperatures going up to the 60F’s today, maybe they will smile at us again.

    • Hi, Oscar.

      Tulips in the ground usually bloom in April in Kansas. These were ones that I have potted up back in the Fall and then refrigerated for several months.


      • It’s gonna be a while yet here. We got a TON of snow dumped on us this morning, the school kids even got a snow day, which rarely happens. Only in Minnesota is there a “snow day” 4 days before spring break! You have a nice day too, Laurie. And thanks again for sharing the lovely tulip photos.

    • Hi, Christine.

      I wrote an article about planting tulips for one of my newsletters last year. The second half of the article is about forcing bulbs. Tulip bulbs need to be refrigerated for several months to simulate winter if you are going to force them. Here is a link to the article:


      It sounds like you purchased bulbs that someone else had potted for forcing. Either they weren’t a good variety for forcing, they had been rushed before you got them, or once you got them home they didn’t get enough sun or water. I’ve always had better luck when I’ve started with bulbs rather than with tulip “plants”.

      I hope that is helpful! Have a nice day!


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