4 responses to “Weekly Travel Theme: Roads

  1. Living on a back road, we drive them daily (except when we enjoy the day on foot or at home). Each Spring, I look forward to driving through the hollows of WV looking for old apple trees in bloom. That usually tells of a long decaded homestead foundation, hidden in the field nearby.

  2. I LOVE Lake George! I’ve only been there for summer vacations but think it’s one of the most beautiful spots ever!.
    So tell me more about this motorcycle only road? Do cars ever try to sneak on?

    • Past a certain point, there is a shuttle that takes people up the road to the peak. Apart from the shuttle, motorcycles and pedestrians are the only ones allowed. The road is closed after a certain time of day. There are no guardrails or street lights. On a clear day, one can see quite far in every direction. The views are wonderful. I love the Adirondacks : )

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