Crazy Good Coconut Oil Coffee

When Veronica of Veronica’s Cornucopia blogged about coconut oil coffee, which she had read about on The Veggie Nook, I thought that it sounded quite strange. Nevertheless,  her enthusiasm about this drink, made me curious; so I decided to try it. At first, I just wound up with an oily cup of coffee because I didn’t read the instructions and so neglected to put the ingredients in a blender. Once I whipped the coffee, though, it turned out perfectly.

I substituted turbinado sugar for stevia and added some shaved chocolate to the top. When I tasted it, I thought that it would make an excellent dessert coffee, especially with a splash of brandy. Being 8:30 in the morning, though, I decided to try that variation on another occasion. Nicole thought that amaretto would be a good addition and then one could have an Almond Joy Coffee (almond, coconut and chocolate).

While I was photographing the coffee, my husband came along and polished off  my prop in about 3 “sips”. So that was the end of my photographs!

One note: since virgin coconut oil is rather expensive, I would save this coffee for special occasions.

Coconut Oil Coffee:

Whip the following together in a blender until frothy and serve topped with shaved chocolate.

1/2 c. hot coffee

2 T. virgin or extra-virgin coconut oil

2 t. turbinado sugar

Whipping the coffee cools it off somewhat. If desired, microwave the coffee afterward to make it hot again.


31 responses to “Crazy Good Coconut Oil Coffee

  1. I buy coconut oil online through tropical traditions, it may seem a bit expensive, but can you put a price on good health? I do buy it in gallon, it has a long shelf life & I am using it more and more to bake and shallow fry, even on toast and in my oatmeal.

  2. Coconut oil is relatively inexpensive, for being such a healthy internal/external USEFUL item. Trader joe’s has the cheapest “average size” jar (16 oz for $6, whereas at The Vitamin Shoppe it’s like 10-12 for the same-ish size) around. I know it’s supposed to get cheaper in bulk, I’ve never bought a gallon myself though so I don’t know what a good price would be. But my roommate and I keep a jar by the stove and a jar in the bathroom, and I keep some in my bedroom (yes), and a jar lasts me a year or more. Even when I use it to make deodorant/toothpaste, and as a scalp treatment, lube, cooking oil, on toast, in homemade chocolate, and in my butt-length hair, a jar still lasts so long! 🙂

    • Surprisingly, it is not very oily-seeming. Whipping the coffee compensates for the oil. But because coconut oil is an oil, I don’t think that anyone would want to drink a huge portion. Thank you for your note!

    • Thank you for your note! There is no milk in this drink. I used a strong-brewed coffee. I didn’t use espresso. If you try it with espresso, let me know how it turns out.

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  4. So glad you tried it! Your cup is gorgeous, and I love that you added the chocolate on top. The amaretto does sound like a fabulous addition!

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