Happy Mother’s Day

It has been a joy-filled few days here at The Morning Star with several large families staying with us to celebrate graduation at K-State. Also, it has been a lot of work – fun, but work. Today is Mother’s Day, which means another happy occasion, though a slower paced one.

My mother taught me to garden when I was a little girl. To this day, we still share a passion for pretty flowers and foliage. One of our favorite things to do together is to admire a well-tended garden. So for my Mother’s Day blog, I decided to take some photographs of the “Apple Blossom” Double Impatiens that I have blooming in pots along the front porch. To my mother, and all of the wonderful mothers out there, Happy Mother’s Day!

2 responses to “Happy Mother’s Day

  1. Beautiful post and photos! I looked for double begonias at the nursery today. Can they do well in shade and in the ground?

    • Happy Mother’s Day! Thank you for your comment. I realized when I read it that I called the flowers “double begonias” instead of “double impatiens”. I apologize profusely for the mistake. Whether the plants that you bought take sun or shade depends on the particular variety of impatiens or begonias that they are. Did they come with a care tag? “Apple Blossom” Double Impatiens require 2 – 4 hours of sunlight, preferably morning light. (As soon as I read your comment, I ran out to the nursery where I bought the plants to confirm my information.) I prefer to grow them in pots because that enables me to give them more attention (i.e. frequent watering and fertilizing) than I give to the perennials in my shade garden. If you bought double begonias, they are probably tuberous begonias which grow well in pots. If you can, let me know what you bought. Again, I’m sorry for my earlier mistake. I have corrected the post.

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