A Revelation at Seven Dolors Church

For the twelve years that we have lived behind Seven Dolors, I’ve been trying to get the perfect picture of this historic church. Last evening, I waited until the sun was low and then I ran out and got in position with my camera. And after all these years, I finally had a revelation … well make that two: (1) I needed to stop trying to get a picture of the church because the pictures in which I tried to fit in as much as possible were all boring and (2)  I needed to stop trying to get the perfect picture because I should consider any picture that says what I want it to say as a perfect picture. So I tried to photograph those features that draw my eye to Seven Dolors over and over. I tried to capture a bit of what is beautiful and moving about this church. Here are a few of my results from last night. Something tells me that I’ll be photographing Seven Dolors for years to come.