Weekly Photo Challenge: Nostalgic

This is a house down the road from where I spent the summers of my childhood – as did my parents and aunts and uncles. It was old even when I was a little girl and old, I imagine, when my grandparents built their camps. It is built against a hillside and sits on the lakefront, a stone wall separating its front yard from the water. A paved road sits behind the house. I have walked down that road and passed this house countless times, wondering what it was like to live there when it was built. I know that there weren’t many houses around then – there weren’t many when I was a girl. Most of the houses there now – many bigger and all more modern – have been built in my lifetime. I think that is why this house captures my imagination so still. Amongst all the changes I have seen, it has always been there – a reminder of my past, all those walks, so many summers, so many memories, of people long gone and of how things used to be. More on this week’s photo challenge.