Last of the Daylilies

Thankfully, I have a few clumps of late season daylilies scattered around the garden, but their days are definitely numbered with only a few buds left to open … a reminder that the garden will soon be making its transition from being a summer garden to an autumn garden.



I think that this variety might be called “Autumn Accent”, but I am not positive about the appellation. Does anyone know “Autumn Accent” well enough to confirm or refute this? Thank you for any help. Have a lovely day!

Beautiful for a Day

Hemerocallis – beautiful for a day – is the botanical name for daylilies, so called because each bloom typically lasts for one day. Much of my garden is looking a bit bedraggled from the storm that passed through here last night, but not the daylilies. Since every morning brings all new blooms, they are having their day in the spotlight. This daylily is called Anzac.

Wishing you a lovely weekend …