Travel Theme: Bridges

Running a bed and breakfast, I don’t have much opportunity to travel. However, I do get out of town once in a while. When I saw that “Bridges” is the theme for Aisla’s travel challenge this week, I decided to share a photo that I took in Florida while visiting my mother a few years ago.


WeeklyPhotographyChallenge: Near and Far

The Big Blue River, which runs from central Nebraska into Kansas where it intersects with the Kansas River east of Manhattan …

Named the Great Blue Earth River by the Kansa Indians, the Big Blue must in recent history have actually ran blue instead of murky brown-green. In the shadows, one can still see what it may have looked like.

A freight bridge, crossing the Big Blue … where do those trains go?

Just feet away, one can look skyward and get lost in the trees.

I took these pictures on one section of the Linear Park Trail which circles Manhattan. There are a few places on the trail where one thinks, “I can see the trees and trail before me, but where does the path lead? Will it take me far?”