4 responses to “Over-View

  1. We are enjoying the warming trend here too, in West Virginia. We even were out in t-shirts pruning fruit trees today. Of course, this also means “mud season” for those of us who live on dirt roads. 🙂

    • Oh, yes. I have a cousin in Vermont who has to go through mud season. Right now it feels like we are going through dust season. Everything is dry! My roses bushes have leafed out, so I am hoping that this is a very early spring. Our last snow can come as late as early May! Good luck with your gardening!

  2. Parts of the city are quite hilly … and it does have a lot of trees. When we were on the historic home tour a number of years ago, I did research on the neighborhood. Going through old newspapers, I saw that Manhattan advertised itself as a place that had shade to get out of the hot summer sun!

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