Goodnight, Garden

Here today, gone tomorrow. That is probably what nature has in store for the last flowers from this season’s garden. Though it was 70 degrees here earlier today, the temperature has dropped almost 30 degrees in the past few hours with an additional drop of 20 more degrees predicted tonight… all thanks to the Bomb Cyclone headed our way. Brrrr …. winter comes tonight and looks like it is here to stay for a while. Goodnight, sweet garden. We’ll see you in the Spring!









Stay warm! Have a great week!

4 responses to “Goodnight, Garden

  1. We’ve had bits of cold now and then, but this is the first that is sticking around. It’s wonderful that you have a cold frame. Those are great for extending the growing season. I took our dogs out for a walk this afternoon. I was really happy for the sunshine because it is cold. Tea sounds good!

  2. We have had some milf frosts and one good freeze that put our garden to sleep. A few greens are still available under row cover or in cold frames. We may get snow early next week. Have a cup of hot tea.

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