A Little Hope


The foliage on my amaryllises from last Christmas only just died back a few weeks ago. Since it took so long for them to go dormant, I was starting to wonder whether I would have any flowers from the bulbs this winter. Then a few new leaves started to appear in each pot a few days ago. There is hope yet!

10 responses to “A Little Hope

  1. omg i have SUCH trouble getting them to die back and many haven’t bloomed since I moved here! In desperation this year I took a few out of the ground in october and stuck them in a dark box in the garage. I’m afraid to even look at them, but was just thinking I should when along came your post! Tomw morning I will take a peak and see what (if anything) has happened!

    • Oh, good luck! My mother has a cool basement that she puts hers in all winter then she brings them in the house in the spring and puts them outside for the summer and they bloom like crazy. Then they die back during the autumn. Mine had foliage for a whole year before dying back, so I’m not sure what will happen. They weren’t dormant very long, but I have my fingers crossed.

    • My mother was wonderful luck with amaryllises, so I decided to give them a try last year. This is my first time trying to get them to come back : )

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