Beautiful Kansas

A  certain organization has recently published a poll in which Kansas was voted the least scenic state in the Union, prompting the Kansas Tourism Division to request assistance in dispelling this claim. Here is a photo that I took one morning shortly after sunrise.  I hope that you enjoy the beautiful Kansas scenery! Have a lovely day!

10 responses to “Beautiful Kansas

      • It’s a matter of language, Laurie. I had a german setup, but I mainly blog in english, so I have english tags. That doesn’t work and a lot of other things as well. I have changed my settings now. Before I couldn’ find any posts in english, let’s say I’m interested in finding fellow bloggers back home in Norway or I want to find out what has been to posted to a certain topic that I’m interested in; because I had a german setup, WP only presents german posts to me.
        This is most confusing a bit annoying to all my german and any international friends that go into great trouble a blog bilingual; WP is only willing top recognize one language.
        Enjoy your weekend! ♥

  1. Boy do i hate those best (or worst) articles! They’re always subjective even when data is involved because the writers skew the stats to prove their point….but i rant on….. 😉
    Your picture is beautiful!

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