Travel Theme: Wild

Wild is this week’s Travel Theme from Where’s My Backpack.

The photo below is of Rudbeckia Triloba (Brown-Eyed Susans) which I planted years ago and have allowed to naturalize in the easement out by the street in front of the Bed & Breakfast. I like just a touch of wildness in that garden. (I thought that the little ant crawling up one of the flowers added a nice touch for the wild theme.) This is such a sunny and cheerful flower, and it will keep blooming into early autumn.


5 responses to “Travel Theme: Wild

  1. I have tried to banish law from most places that I have lived, other than for pathways around the garden. Perenial flowers, such as your rebeccia, are great landscape elements for stretches of meadows, even if they are miniture prairies around the house or street. How much more interesting that putting greens.

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