11 responses to “Rock Garden Sunflower Bouquet

  1. Hi Laurie – I’m out in Turkey sat in a tatty little internet cafe and I suggested to one of my friends that she check out your blog as I don’t know many that present their pictures as beautifully as you. She has emailed me to ask me what are the white flowers in your sunflower pictures as she’s getting married back in sunny Devon in the UK and thinks that they would be perfect for her bouquet – btw it’s sold cold up in the mountains I’m nearly wearing my entire wardrobe!

    • Good day, or perhaps, good evening. It is nice to hear from you. I appreciate your very kind note. The flowers about which you inquire are Wax Flowers. As far as I know, they come in white, pink, and purple. They are fragrant when crushed. I like to use them in bouquets as an alternative to baby’s breath.

      I hope that your friend has a lovely wedding and a lovely marriage to follow.

      Stay warm!!!


  2. You are so talented! No wonder you have a B&B. I love all the little things you do for your place.

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