Another Happy Wedding … Cake

Despite the frigid temperatures today, we had another beautiful outdoor wedding here at The Morning Star. The bride wore a stunning strapless gown and the groom was in dress military uniform. There were only six people at the service, so I made a miniature, but highly detailed, wedding cake. The three layer white butter cake was frosted with real vanilla buttercream and decorated with hundreds and hundreds of sugar pearls in varying sizes.  It took two of us about 45 minutes to place them all. The cake was then finished with fresh roses and the bride’s cake topper. I didn’t want to get in the photographer’s way, but I did manage to get a few pictures of the cake. This is one that I liked because the late afternoon sun’s rays seemed to imbue the scene with real emotion. May the bridge and groom have a truly happy future together!


8 responses to “Another Happy Wedding … Cake

  1. Wonderful job on the cake, it is gorgeous! I did not know you made wedding cakes. Do you do the cakes every time there is a wedding there? This one is so beautiful. I do love this shot with the shadows, I agree with you that it adds emotion to it, it seems like the couple on that cake could be real.

    • Hi, Veronica.

      I usually make the wedding cakes, but sometimes the couple getting married knows someone that they would like to have do the cake and that is fine. I also perform the ceremonies. It is very fun helping couples have their special day.


    • Oh, yes. I do take pride in making wedding cakes that taste good. I hate it when a beautiful cake tastes like chemicals and paste. Thanks for your note, Anne!

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