Crape Myrtles After the Rain

Along with almost everything else in the garden this year, our Crape Myrtles have now started blooming about a month early. After the mild winter that we had in Kansas, the die-back on the Crape Myrtles was almost non-existent. Some years the die-back is quite severe and we have to cut the trees/bushes to the ground. We received 1.27″ of rain last night. This as made everyone happy, especially the farmers, as prior to that we had received only .01″ of precipitation this month. With the garden all wet this morning, I tried to get a couple of pictures. These are of are buds and blooms on Crape Myrtle “Royalty” – one of my favorite plantings.

13 responses to “Crape Myrtles After the Rain

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  2. Simply beautiful! We have one white Crape Myrtle tree that came with the house but we are going to be planting a few more (shrub version) once the extreme Texas heat has passed (which means late this fall).

    • Interesting. There aren’t any white Crape Myrtles around us. We need cold hardy Crape Myrtles so a lot of the ones that flourish further south can’t be grown here. The ones that I have are supposed to be 15′ at maturity, but with die-back, they never make it above about 7′. We’ll see where there are at the end of this summer : )

      • Crape Myrtles are a new thing for us so we are having fun learning more about them. The one we have now was not doing so hot last fall so right now we are just coaxing it along and bring it back to full strength.

        Hopefully you’ll have a good summer for them and they will be able to go above 7′! 🙂

  3. Aren’t they the most beautiful, HEAVY bloomers!! There’s a stretch of road here that’s lined with them and I can’t believe they don’t cause accidents with they gaping and headturning they bring out!! 🙂 Seriously pretty!!!!

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