Saturday Morning Farmers’ Market Photos

After we finished serving breakfast this morning, Nicole and I headed out to the downtown Manhattan Farmers Market. It is open on Saturdays and is only about 4 blocks from The Morning Star. I made sure to remember my camera this time.  Enjoy the photos! (In my next post, I’ll share the recipe for what I made when I got home.)

11 responses to “Saturday Morning Farmers’ Market Photos

  1. I used to live in Queens and work in Manhattan, before farmer’s markets (that I knew of). Now the market is just outside the door (i.e. the garden). Glad to see the farmers are coming to you too.

      • Ha, ha. I had a good laugh when my wife clarified that your Bn’B is in Kansas, not NYC. Forgive my assumption. The house looks like a nice get-away. Kansas is a bit far from our part of WV on the eastern side, but maybe would be a good stop over someday when heading west.

  2. Once again ~ great photos Laurie! I went to my local farmer’s market this morning too! I went with my sis and a friend of mine, it was a great time. Looks like your trip was fun too. 🙂

    • I heard from several people that they went to their local farmers’ market this morning. It’s fun to think of all these different people in different places out enjoying the markets this morning : ) Thanks for the note!

  3. It’s fun to see these photos. I just got back from my neighborhood farmer’s market and brought back some garlic scapes. Trying to figure out what to do with them!

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